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Written by Rodolfo Passeri

The Open Banking Tracker is launching, an app store covering the various use cases made possible by open banking and the companies implementing them.

Open Banking Apps Market Map

We've been mapping the open banking landscape since the launch of PSD2 in 2019, and the Open Banking Tracker has grown to track over 2,880 banks and 440+ TPPs.

"Over the last two years, we've seen massive growth of the ecosystem, with companies entering the space to offer innovative solutions to old problems. We realized that a missing piece of the Open Banking puzzle was a centralized directory showcasing how this technology creates value and unlocks new customer experiences." - Gertjan De Wilde, CEO and Co-Founder, Apideck

Our team compiled a list featuring many of the prominent players for our Use Cases Directory. Below, you will find the various use cases we’ve identified, from account aggregation apps to smarter credit scores and even adding a gambling block to your bank account.

Behind the scenes, these API aggregators are providing the infrastructure to power the open banking use cases: equensWorldline, Ibanity, Plaid, Salt Edge, TrueLayer, and many more.

Discover the full potential of the Open Finance ecosystem.

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By linking directly to your business's current account using the Open Banking framework, these companies can actively file revenues and expenses using AI and other value-added services to make running your small business easier.

Companies in this vertical include: ANNA Money, Coconut, Ember Accounting Software, Freshbooks, Kashoo, QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, Wave, Xero, Zoho Books.

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Auto Loans

Getting an auto loan used to be a cumbersome process. A borrower would typically need to provide all of the credit details to a service that would then pull a credit score and verify income to gain a picture of the client's creditworthiness. Now, using the open banking framework, auto loan providers can directly access a client's banking information just through them agreeing to share the data. With no extra work involved, the lender can decide based on AI algorithms on the applicant's creditworthiness.

Companies in this vertical include: Blue Motor Finance, Freedom Finance, Zopa.

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Zoppa Lending

Business Management

From gaining insight into customers' behavior, actively managing payroll and HR, and even giving employees specialized perks for working at a company, Open Banking helps modern business leaders manage the company better for all stakeholders.

Companies in this vertical include: ANNA Money, Cashfac, Cegid, Emburse, Kivra, PayFit, Perkbox, Riskrate, SlideBy.

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Business Payments

The B2B payment space is a multi-trillion dollar market. Open Banking uses APIs connected to SMEs' banking account to facilitate faster payments globally, reducing the liquidity burden of selling to somebody across the globe.

Companies in this vertical include: Coupay, Payoneer, PayPal, Perkbox, Revolut, Skrill, SlideBy.

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Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy now, pay later schemes are not something new; they have been around in the form of store credit cards for many decades. Nowadays, startups are using open banking to revolutionize how BNPL works by providing consumers the opportunity to delay payments on just about any good.

Companies in this vertical include: Butter, Klarna, Sezzle, Zilch.

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Carbon Tracking

Using transaction data to make consumers aware of the impact their spending is having on the environment.

Companies in this vertical include: Enfuce

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Card Linked Loyalty

Having a rewards card to a frequented store is an excellent way to build consumer loyalty. Open Banking supercharges traditional loyalty cards by allowing merchants to give their customers customized loyalty rewards based on spending habits and enhanced data.

Companies in this vertical include: Bink, Flux, Goloyal, PayLead.

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Commercial Credit

Accessing liquidity is vital for a business's survival; thus, setting up the company's financing is a crucial and time-consuming step that involved going and talking to your banking advisor and applying through their system. Using Open Banking, lenders can now look directly at the business’ cash flows to determine creditworthiness and the amount of credit to extend. Reducing the amount of time it takes to complete the entire process and using AI to decide each case's best financing solution.

Companies in this vertical include: Capital On Tap, Experian, Kabbage, Krea Företagslån, MarketFinance.

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Consumer Credit

Whether for large or small amounts, using the Open Banking framework, fintechs can look at the user's cash flow and payment history to determine creditworthiness and make a lending decision almost instantaneously.

Companies in this vertical include: Experian, Freedom Finance, Koyo Loans, Lydia, Zopa.

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Credit Scores

A person’s traditional credit score derives from a few categories of payments a consumer makes throughout their month to show that they are responsible with their money. In contrast, credit scores using Open Banking now include rent payments and other recurring bills so that better credit accessible to more people.

Companies in this vertical include: Canopy, ClearScore, Credit Kudos, CreditLadder, Experian, FriendlyScore.

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Debt Collection

Using Open Banking, a debt collector can look into the accounts of the person that is behind on payments and try to generate a payment plan that the debtor can abide by to pay off the remaining amount.

Companies in this vertical include: Experian, Flexys.

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Gambling Protection

People who feel they might not resist the urge to gamble could use the Open Banking framework to request their account providers do not allow them to deposit money into services with a gambling-related account code in the system, thereby decreasing the ease of access to those platforms.

Companies in this vertical include: Monzo.

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Home Buying

Using Open Banking to get insights into consumer behavior and making financial recomendations to help users purchase their dream home.

Companies in this vertical include: Multiply.AI

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Investment Brokerage

Using Open Banking, investment brokers can allow users to enter orders from external applications or allow super apps to aggregate all of the customer's information in one place, including their investment portfolio.

Companies in this vertical include: Charles Schwab, Freetrade, Trading 212.

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Invoice Financing

Factoring is when a company sells a good or service and will receive payment in the future, but they need cash more quickly, so they borrow against their accounts receivable. Using Open Banking, a small business can now provide direct access to their accounts for factoring companies to understand the company's cash flow position and make a lending decision.

Companies in this vertical include: Krea Företagslån, MarketFinance.

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Traditionally, a mortgage application is a cumbersome credit checking process that is labor-intensive for the applicant to fill in all necessary information and is labor-intensive for the lender to verify all the applicant's data. Open Banking can give the lenders direct access to the applicant's history to confirm whether they have sufficient creditworthiness to undertake the mortgage obligation.

Companies in this vertical include: Freedom Finance, Koodoo, Lendlord, Mojo Mortgages.

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The payment processing space depends heavily on Open Banking because a company can instantly verify if clients have the money they want to send in their account, reducing the payment processing company's risk.

Companies in this vertical include: Curve, IATA Pay, Lydia, PayMyTuition, PayPal, Revolut, Roqqett, Skrill, Trustly, Wise.

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Personal Finance Management

Applications to help people stay on top of their finances have become supercharged with Open Banking's advent. Now, they are no longer dependent on the users remembering to enter the relevant information. The apps can now track the user’s spending habits directly by connecting to the user's accounts to gain valuable insight into cash flows and make the appropriate recommendations to help them reach their financial goals.

Companies in this vertical include: Bankin', Curve, Ecospend, Emma, Finary, Frollo, Lydia, Mint, Money Dashboard, Oval, Plum, PocketGuard, Prosper by Santander, Snoop, Wealthica, Yolt.

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Using the Open Banking framework, there are software solutions that can file taxes directly for you with the appropriate tax collection agency based on your account information and taxes owing, skipping out on the process of manually having to file taxes and reducing the likelihood of mistakes and omissions.

Companies in this vertical include: ANNA Money, Coconut, Ember Accounting Software, Freshbooks, untied, Xero.

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Wealth Management

Robo advisors and other wealth management platforms have seen a spike in popularity in recent years. These digital wealth managers benefit from the Open Banking environment to better understand the client before recommending the appropriate investment based on the client's ability and appetite to assume risks.

Companies in this vertical include: Chip, Lendlord, Lysa, Nutmeg, Peaks, Penfold, PensionBee, Personal Capital, Plum, Wealth Wizards.

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